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However, the statistical number of successful gamblers is not that encouraging, because 95% of all the bettors end up with an empty bankroll. Why is that happening? Let’s take a closer look at the problem:


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Most amateurs are misled by the belief that it takes pure luck to win every bet. Others don’t have enough patience to pore over dozens of sports journals and magazines looking for precious pieces of information. There are punters, who appear to be unable of handling their emotions and taking failures with dignity. All these facts should be taken into consideration before starting a career in the gambling arena.

When it comes to sports betting, nothing can be more useful than good advice. Only 5% of the punters are successful because it takes a lot more than pure luck to make gambling work for you. There are lots of qualities a good punter should have: patience, intuition, long sight, diligence, and sharp mind. See? Not everyone would be good at betting. So if you have a serious attitude towards this field of activity, you’d better check on our betting advice.

You will find this section very useful, irrespective of the fact whether you’re already a professional punter, or you’re only at the beginning of your journey into the captivating world of gambling.


You should take into consideration that in order to be successful at gambling, you should take it as a rule to make daily research on the subject under consideration. It really doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting up, or you’re already one of the sharks in the gambling arena, you still need to pore over the sports sites and journals. Information is your weapon, so don’t hesitate before using it to your own good. Checking the tutorials would be natural at the beginning of your betting career. Never think that you are beyond that, because being informed is your first step on your way to success. It’s like being in charge of the situation – you know what you’re doing, and you know what to expect. It’s good to be confident, because otherwise you won’t be able to make the right decision when the time comes.

This advice section aims at giving the most essential tips, which would be of crucial importance for the newly-converted gamblers. You will have more than enough information to digest, and material to make a successful start up.

You should give special consideration to the “10 rules” and “10 mistakes” articles. It is very likely that you will recognize yourself while reading them, but it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf and start again taking into consideration your previous mistakes.

Sports betting is not that simple. It may take you years before you become a professional, and even then you will still have to constantly improve your skills. But on the other hand, you will have permanent winnings and the incomparable joy which gambling brings.


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