NK Široki Brijeg Vs FK Željezničar, Sunday 13th May 2018

NK Široki Brijeg hosts this Sunday 13th May 2018 FK Željezničar for a match as from 6:00 PM GMT counting for the Bosnia Herzegovina Premier League. This long awaited match has as particularity to be sensational so much so that the outcome becomes blurred. The two teams preparing intensively will give the maximum to gain more points. NK Siroki occupies the fourth position of the ranking with 52 points while Zeljeznicar is ranked 1st with 66 points. Maximize your winings by betting on the best betting platform. Let’s deeply look at the two teams.

NK Siroki Brijeg plays at home and up till displays unsatisfactory results. In the last 20 matches NK Siroko won 4 times, had 8 draws and 8 defeats. Thus giving a weak success percentage. The analysis is nevertheless clear : at home Siroki shows more results than in away matches. At home Siroki has been defeated only twice. As a result, the team of Goran Sablic might be surprising.

Zeljeznicar plays away and presently is the favourite team. In the last 20 matchesb Zeljeznicar registers 11 victories, 6 draws and 3 defeats. The success percentage is so far encouraging. All the home matches are successful, all the defeats are away. Consequently Zljeznicar dominates at home and seems to be weaker away. In this match supposed to be away, the outcome is not that evident.

Despite this, the general overview favours Zeljeznicar. Statistically, 46% goes for the victory of Zeljeznicar, 33 % for a draw and 21 % for the victory of NK Siroki. Open a Vip-IBC account and bet at different bookmakers from a single account.

FC Barcelona Vs Villarreal- 09/05/2018

The Champions of La Liga will host the match opposing them to Villarreal this Wednesday 09th may 2018. The Camp Nou stadium will serve as a demonstration area for Barcelone who generally does not lost matches home. Occupying the first position of the Spanish championship with 87 points, Barcelona has won 3 matches out of its 5 last matches with 2 draws. On the other hand, Villarreal won 3 of its 5 matches, lost 1 and made a draw. Villarreal is classified at the 6th position with 57 points, a clear difference of 30 points. Thus, the recommended strategy is to see odds side by side to double your gains.

Let’s see now the form of these two:

The hosting team is FC Barcelona who are barely invincible these days. Their players are at the top of their form and their playing strategy is clearly effective. The team formation is mainly practical with Messi, Suarez and Dembele, players to watch.

Villarreal on its side is quite good at attacks and defence. Their striking force is impressing and their rapidity in scoring goals is surprising with outstanding players like Bacca, Bakambu. Generally they perform better at home. Like FC Barcelona, they nearly loss no match at home.

With all this, the favourite team is FC Barcelona. They are dominant at many levels : they play at home, they are the champions, their formation is practical and up till now outlay good results. Check the the best odds in VIP-IBC.

Málaga vs Real Madrid

Going back to La Liga Santander, today Málaga will host a Real Madrid that comes after defeating Juventus in Champions League, but in a game that was full of controversies and where they were not completely focused. In today match, there are many reasons to believe that there will be many goal opportunities. And despite their performance in the Champions last game, the “merengues” are still favourite. In games like this one where the outcome is almost predictable, odds are always down, so the best way for not to lose money is to see see odds side by side so we can choose better.

Let’s see now the form of these two:

The local team here is Málaga, they are the last team at standings, which means that they are in the relegation zone. They will fight hard for getting 3 points or at least 2 in order to pass Las Palmas which is 1 point above in the table. They have got terrible results in the last 5 matches at home: 4 losses and only 1 victory.

Now, the Real Madrid is in the 4th position, they are not risking anything here, but they will try to be in the top 3 in the classification table. In the last 5 matches as an away team, their performance has been positive 4 victories and only 1 defeat.

Basically or this event, we give Real Madrid as a winner. The reasons: they are in a better position, they are not afrad of playing out of home, while Málaga has shown really bad results as a local team. You can find the best odds in VIP-IBC.

Manchester city – Manchester United

This Saturday the two Manchesters will play against each other in England. These two teams are at the top of standings, where Manchester occupies the first place with 84 points and Manchester United the second place with 68 points. Anything can happen, and odds are changing all the time, so better to see odds side by side so we can choose better.

Let’s see now their performance:

Everybody is waiting for this match, since we will see the two more important teams in Manchester, and two of the biggest teams in Europe facing each other. Manchester City is almost the winner of Championship this year. They only lost one game out of 31 matches played, which shows that this squad is really hard to defeat. In the 31 games played in the competition, they have got 88 goals in favour and 21 against, 27 victories, 3 draws and 1 defeat.

Regarding Manchester United, they are having a very good time now. They are expected to give their all, and we believe they may have some chances, since the citizens are expected to play with some reserve players, in order to preserve their best ones for the Champions League match next week. In the 31 games played this season, they have got 60 goals in favour and 23 against, 21 victories, 5 draws and 5 defeats.

Predicting a winner s hard this time, so based on the average of goals they have and considering that maybe the citizens will play with reserve players we consider the best option to bet is over 2.5 goals. That’s why we will go for. This time I think I will bet on VIP, which for me is the platform with the best odds .