Europe - UEFA Champions League

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1. BATE  vs.  
Bayer Leverkusen
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2. Barcelona  vs.  
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3. Arsenal  vs.  
Dinamo Zagreb
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4. Bayern München  vs.  
Olympiakos Piraeus
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5. Porto  vs.  
Dynamo Kyiv
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6. Maccabi Tel Aviv  vs.  
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25 november 2015

Europe - UEFA Champions League

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1. Astana  vs.  
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2. CSKA Moskva  vs.  
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3. Malmö FF  vs.  
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4. Shakhtar Donetsk  vs.  
Real Madrid
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5. Manchester United  vs.  
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6. Atlético Madrid  vs.  
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7. Juventus  vs.  
Manchester City
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26 november 2015

Europe - UEFA Europa League

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1. Krasnodar  vs.  
Borussia Dortmund
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2. Basel  vs.  
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3. Monaco  vs.  
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4. Schalke 04  vs.  
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5. Augsburg  vs.  
Athletic Club
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6. Liverpool  vs.  
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7. Club Brugge  vs.  
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8. Villarreal  vs.  
Rapid Wien
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Women’s World Cup: Sweden vs. Australia (recap)


 Sweden Sweden 3 – 1 Australia Australia

Sunday, July 10th 2011, 13.00 CET

This was a straightforward result, with Sweden dominating the game in both halves in Augsburg. They started with two early goals, but the Aussies were really eager to get back into the game. Sweden’s two goals came 5 minutes apart, in the 11th and 16th minutes of the first half. Australia were desperate to get back into the game, and in the 40th minute, Ellyse Perry scored a fantastic goal for the Matildas from the edge of the box. That gave the Aussies hope in the break time.

With the second half under way, the Aussies kept their momentum, but the Swedish tactics and superior phisical strength proved too much for them, conceding a goal in the 52nd minute. The match ended 3 to 1. I lost both bets, and 3 units in total. One was that the game would have under 3.5 goals, and the other that Sweden would win 2 to 1. Actually, if the game ended at half time both would have been right. But that one goal of the Swedes in the second half totally threw off my bets.

Women’s World Cup: England vs. France (recap)


England England 1 – 1 / 1 – 1 / 3 – 4 France France

Saturday, July 9th 2011, 18.00 CET

France did a fantastic job to turn the game around in the last 2 minutes of play! The English already saw themselves in the semi-finals (commentator was constatly repeating that), but in the 88th minute, Bussaglia had a great shot from distance and beat the British goalkeeper, drawing the match and sending it to the added time.

During added time, France was more aggressive and their repeated flank attacks were keeping the English defenders busy. England had one or two chances on the counter attacks, but eventually the added time finished and the score remained the same.

At the penalty shootout, first came Camille Abily, who had her shot blocked. A series of goals came afterwards, and eventually Claire Rafferty of England shot wide in their 4th attempt. Le Sommer then scored for France, while the last penalty, that of Faye White hit the crossbar, and France were qualified!

I had two bets on this match, and I won one and lost the other. Overall, I won +0.25 units. I predicted that both teams scored, which they did, and that brought me 2.25 units. But then I also predicted that the game would have more than 2.5 goals, which it didn’t. I lost 2 units there. Overall, a very small gain for a very exciting game. I am content.

Women’s World Cup: Brazil vs. USA (recap)


Brazil Brazil 1 – 1 / 2 – 2 / 3 – 5 USA USA

Sunday, July 10th 2011, 17.30 CET

This was one of the best football matches I’ve ever seen! And I’m talking about men and women football altogether! A very good display of tactics, strength and perseverance from both teams.

The first goal came for the USA in the 2nd minute of play from a Brazilian player, Daiane.  The first half was a battle for possession with Brazil attacking and USA defending, after the goal. With the second half well under way, the Brazilians managed to use that momentum from the first half, and Marta scored in the 68th minute, after she was fouled in the American penalty area. Rachel Buehler was sent off and Marta was to take the penalty. There was a bit of confusion there, because the first time she took the penalty, Solo saved, but the referee had her retake it due to an US defender stepping into the penalty area. The second time Marta shot in the same place, and scored. Afterwards, although both teams pressed and delivered shots, there was no goal until the end of the regular time.

 Added time started in the worst possible way for the US, just like regular time started for Brazil. In the 92nd minute of play, Marta scored again after a seemingly offside position. That gave the US girls almost 30 minutes of intense stress and struggle to get back in  the game. They eventually managed to achieve that in the last minute of extra time through a header coming from Wambach.

 The game was taken to penalty shootouts, which the US won after a save of Solo following the shot of Daiane. Sports betting wise, I lost half a unit here. I got my first bet wrong, that the game would go over 2.5 goals. It did, but not in regular time. I lost 2 units there. But both teams did score, and made me win 1.5 units. Overall, -0.5 units. Not too bad, given how exciting the match was.

Women’s World Cup: USA vs. France (prediction)


USA USA vs. France France

Wednesday, July 13th 2011, 18.00 CET

Today, the two most spectacular teams left in this edition of FIFA Women’s World Cup will compete for a place in the final. Both teams come after penalty shootouts in the semis, France defeating England, and the US defeating Brazil. Both matches have been outstanding, and also overwhelming for the players, either physically and emotionally. Now, just 2 or 3 days away, they face each other in the semi-final.

The USA team are probably still high on their victory against Brazil. Maybe that’s “so yesterday”, but you have to give them credit for that win. Wambach’s goal in the 122nd minute kept the Americans in the game, more stressful than ever, after Brazil scored early in the added time with a penalty goal from Marta in the 92nd minute. The Americans defeated the Brazilians 3-5 at penalties. Now with Brazil and Germany gone, the US seems the most capable team of winning the whole thing, like they did back in 1999. In fact, since then they stopped in the semis every time, with Germany winning the 2003 and 2007 editions.

The USA now are not what they used to be back in 1999. The players are all new and willing to prove themselves. As winners of the Olympic games, they have a reputation already. And since a victory is well within their reach against France, why not? Their largest drawback is the absence of their defensive cornerstone, Rachel Buehler. Buehler got a red card against Brazil, so she is suspended for the match. That is certainly a disadvantage, given that the Americans rely on phisical strength more than tactic. Becky Sauerbrunn is likely to replace Buehler today.

France also come after grueling penalty shootouts against England,

but they’ve had one extra day of rest. Similar to the Americans, the French were kept in the game thanks to a late goal, that of Bussaglia in the 88th minute of regular time. After over two hours of play, the French have made it in the semi-finals for the first time ever! But odds are against them now that they face the more powerful USA team. They might well stop here, and compete for the 3rd place, but I am sure Les Bleus are excluding that option.

What the French can’t match in strength, they can do in creativity. They’ve had one extra day of rest, so that lessens the Americans’ advantage. And they have creative players, such as playmaker Louisa Necib, who was compared to Zinedine Zidane. Their tactics rely on short passes at midfield and fluidly-constructed attacks from the back. The players know each other very well, since 10 of the 22 players now in Germany come from Olympique Lyonnais, winners of the Women’s Champions League. With Marie-Laure Delie in the attack the French are quick, unpredictable and highly motivated to write history today.

It will be interesting to watch the French short passes and creativity against the US’s long passes and physical strength based on their defense. With Buehler out, it is uncertain whether the US will adopt the same style of play though. The bookies have the USA as clear favourites, at 1.80 odds, compared to the 4.25 given to the French. Both seem juicy though, and both teams proved they can come back (and win) from very late into the game. So we will witness a very tense game up to the final whistle. What I can say is that both teams have an apetite for goals. I expect the match to go above the 2.5 goal mark. Odds are 2.00 for that to happen on Bwin. I will stake 2 units on an O2.5 at 2.00 odds. And I am also betting on a draw. I expect the game to go in the added time, given that both teams are capable of turning things around in the last minutes of the game.

Prediction: O2.5 goals for 2 units, Draw for 2 units

Women’s World Cup: Japan vs. Sweden (prediction)


 Japan vs. Sweden 

Wednesday, July 13th 2011, 20.45 CET

This second semi-final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, played on Commerzbank-Arena from Frankfurt, is the first one in 15 years in which Germany does not take part. The surprise elimination of the hosts in the quarter finals have made Japan become the “black horse” of the semifinals, and it has shaken all the bookies’ odds and expectations. It also means that previous statistics matter little in the present situation.

Japan have had a fantastic run, now playing for the first time ever in the semi-finals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. They have passed the ultimate test in the quarter finals, when they faced the hosts Germany, who hadn’t lost a World Cup match in 15 years, in Germany and in front of 26.067 German fans. Previous to that match, Japan had never won a game against an European side at any World Cup, and they had never made it past the quarter finals. Germany, on the other hand, were the defenders of the 2003 and 2007 World Cups, and looked more confident than ever. In such a crucial game, and under huge pressure, Japan kept organized and stayed positive throughout. One goal in the 108th minute was all they needed to crush the world champions.

Though they only scored one goal in their last 2 games, Japan has clearly learned a lot from their defeat against England, and now they take advantage of the huge momentum they have to make history today and reach the World Cup Final! They will most likely take control of possession in their semi-final match, and hope for Homare Sawa, their top goalscorer, to get through Sweden’s strong defense and get the ball in the net.

Sweden have not had a real test since their last group game against the USA. They won that one 2 to 1. Then, as in their quarter final game against Australia, the Swedes kept their ground and stuck to their tactics. They showed a very calculated and professional play in both matches, and that guaranteed their resistance against their opponent’s numerous attacks. One thing that is obvious from both these matches, is that Sweden started off with furious attacks and scored twice in the first half. Then they relied on their strong defense and on counter attacks, with Lotta Schelin’s speed far superior to most defenders’. She wasn’t named man of the match in Sweden’s last two matches for nothing.

It is surprising to see in the statistics that Sweden scored 5 goals in their past 2 games.

That is unlike Japan, who only scored one. Surprising because, however strategic the Swedes play, scoring goals is not their strong point. Their first two games in this World Cup made that clear, with two single-goal victories for the North Europeans. It may now appear that Sweden’s attack has unleashed its full goal-scoring potential, but really it is the pressure at the beginning of the game and the momentum thereafter that gives the Swedes this goal-scoring ability. Without a goal in the first 30 minutes, as we’ve seen in their first 2 matches, it’s very hard for them to score one later in the game.

Looking at recent statistics between the two teams, Japan holds the upper ground. In their four recent matches against Sweden, they won twice and drew the other two. Even this year, Japan won one and drew once against Sweden. That’s certainly not comforting for Sweden ahead of the semi-final game. And it shouldn’t be, because too much comfort have made the Germans lose their last game. Still, Sweden is given more chances at the bookies, with 2.20 odds at Bwin, while Japan is worth 3.2, same as a draw. Seen that goalscoring is not the strong point of either team, an Under 2.5 would be appropriate at 1.62 odds. There goes 2 units of mine. And 2 units go on Sweden to win, at 2.2 odds.

Prediction: U2.5 goals for 2 units, Sweden to win for 2 units

Women’s World Cup: Brazil vs. USA (prediction)


Brazil Brazil vs. USA USA

Sunday, July 10th 2011, 17.30 CET

Of all the matches in the quarter finals of this year’s Women’s World Cup, this last one is by far the most balanced, and interesting to watch. I’m not saying the others are not worth watching, on the contrary! But there’s something special when the best team in the world (USA) plays against the 3rd best and definitely the most spectacular team in the world (Brazil). It’s a clash between giants, one that the USA tried, but failed to avoid in the match against Sweden. Now, shaken by their first ever loss in the group stages on Wednesday, will the best team in the world defend their reputation? Or will the Brazilian dribbling skills prove to be too much for the shaky US defense?

For me, this game is the toughest to predict of all the quarter finals played this weekend. Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the two teams, combine their playing styles and see what comes out of it! Take Brazil first. Though extraordinary in their dribbling skills, the Brazilian girls never won a world cup. Ironic, right? Considering their men’s squad won 5. Nevertheless, they’re not the world’s number 3 for no reason. They always impress, and don’t think only about Marta. Sure, she’s been playing up to her reputation as the world’s best football player, with 2 goals and 2 assists so far. But even without Marta, the Brazilians have other world class players: Rosana and Cristiane both scored two goals each, and the Brazilian goalkeeper didn’t miss a single ball so far. This means Brazil is the only team with a clean sheet, and along with Germany and France, their 7 goals are the most scored by any team.

The United States of America have a different story. The two-times world champions have just been defeated for the first time ever in the group stages, 2-1 by Sweden. Something definitely didn’t work in the North American defense, something that has to be changed ahead of the clash against Brazil. One thing they don’t have to change though is their goalkeeper, Hope Solo. She had a great run so far, conceding only 2 goals (against Sweden: one penalty and one diverted free kick). She also had a great performance in the US’s 2008 game against Brazil, which the Americans won 1 to nothing. Add to that the appearance of Abby Wambach, USA’s top striker, and Heather O’Reilly, who missed the game against Sweden. These girls cover the attack brilliantly, but coach Pia Sundhage has to make some changes in the defense if they are to withstand the force of the scoring-happy Brazilian attack.

Looking at their previous encounters, the US won their last 4 matches against Brazil, all with a 1-0 score. However, in China during the last Women’s World Cup, Brazil won by 4-0! Only Germany was able to stop them, in the final! Statistically, both the US and Brazil have a huge apetite for goals, and this makes the 02.5 an attractive bet. At 1.9 odds on Bwin, I will take that for 2 units. Also, I’m staking 2 units on Both to score at 1.75 odds on Bwin. Finally, 1 unit goes on a Brazilian victory at 2.25 odds.

Prediction: O2.5 for 2 units, both to score for 2 units, Brazil to win for 1 unit.

Women’s World Cup: Sweden vs. Australia (prediction)


 Sweden Sweden vs. Australia Australia

Sunday, July 10th 2011, 13.00 CET

I am sure that not many people expected for this match to happen now, in the quarter finals. Sweden’s 2-1 win over the USA was seen as a shock result (though I predicted it here), while very few people believed an underdog like Australia could overturn a former World Cup winner like Norway (I was one of those people, read here). They did though, by coming back into the game from 0-1 to 2-1 and eventually historically reaching the quarter finals. Tomorrow in Augsburg, the two “surprisingly good” teams will compete for a spot in the semi-finals of the German tournament.

Sweden is not a surprise team in the quarter finals.

They’ve even reached the final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2003, only to be defeated by Germany. They ended up third in the first official Women’s World Cup in 1991. Actually, they never went home earlier than the quarter finals. And as the world’s 5th best team, I am sure they are glad to meet up with Australia, the world’s 11, rather than Brazil. The Swedes are coming after a fantastic run in the group stage, with 3 victories out of 3, and with only one goal conceded. And though they’re not the best goalscorers (only 4 goals so far), they certainly impressed by their patience, enthousiasm and teamwork.

With the momentum gained from the victory against USA,

Sweden are confident that their next match will just be a formality

against the long-awaited semi-finals against either Brazil or USA. But if there is one lesson that their Nordic friends, the Norwegians, learned from their match against Australia, it’s that you shouldn’t underestimate the Aussies. Unlike the Matildas, who are ready and willing to get back into the game against all odds (they proved that against Norway), Sweden’s strategy is rather focused on aggressive attack at the beginning (with its benefits), and defense plus counter-attack towards the end. It will be enjoying to see that gamestyle compete against that of the Aussies.

Australia, on the other hand, is not familiar with the quarter finals. The first time they reached this stage was during the World Cup’s last edition in 2007. Back then they bravely resisted against mighty Brazil, losing eventually at 2-3. A great performance from the Matildas though, on their first quarter finals match. Though they’re now only on the 11th place in the world rankings, they surely improved lately. Last year, the Aussie girls won the AFC Women’s Asian Cup, their first time ever. And now they just eliminated a World Cup winner after a spectacular comeback made possible by Kyah Simon.

Looking at previous encounters, out of eight games between the two teams, Australia just won one. And clearly they’re the underdog in this one. But that gives them an advantage: the Ausralians have nothing to lose, whereas Sweden has everything to lose should they fail to win tomorrow. Combine that with the morale gained after beating a world cup holder, and you get a bunch of really eager and motivated Aussies. But will their enthousiasm make the difference on Sunday? The bookies don’t think so, with Australia receiving 4.4 odds from Bwin, whereas Sweden got 1.75. It’s still more than in Germany’s game.

For this game, I am expecting at most 3 goals, since neither of the two is known for its goal-scoring abilities. I’m going with 2 units for a U3.5 bet at 1.28 odds. And now, for the first time, I will bet on an exact score: My football tip is that Sweden wins 2-1. Odds on Bwin are 9 for that exact score. I’m staking 1 unit there!

Prediction: U3.5 goals for 2 units, and Sweden to win 2-1!